Luxury villas in Goa, rentals in Goa and your stay in holiday homes

Travelling to Goa in a group, you have come to the right place for your accommodation needs. Its always great fun to enjoy Goa with friends and family. With groups sized from 4 to 25 we offer some amazing options all over North Goa. Right from budget holiday homes to super Luxury villas for rent, from 2 bedrooms to 6 bedroom rentals for your choice and budget. We have a Villa in Goa just for you: for all price range and all price points. We can give you a independent Villa by the beach to Villa’s in a complex. Villa’s with private pool with quite Village surrounding to Villa with private pool on the most popular beach in Goa (Baga). Villas in Goa for rent can offer you unique experience of luxury, comfort and privacy . There is several reasons why travelers prefer holiday apartments ,Villa’s and alternate rentals to hotels. There are loads of reasons on choosing Alternate rentals instead of hotels.

  • ­ Villa Goa offers privacy : a element essential in group holidays, no one like to be disturbed by others or intruded upon.
  • ­ Private villas for rent provides a great value. At our price points it beats the best deal on the best hotels in North Goa.
  • ­ Holiday rentals in Goa give you freedom. It’s a vacation your style or your way.
  • ­ Villa in Goa provide you with additional space in living room which can be utilized for get together while privacy of bedroom secured.
  • ­ Villas in Goa for rent offers you kitchen which can be extremely important for families. If you kids get hungry or members of the group have food restrictions, there is no better way to get what you need and the way you need.
  • ­ Luxury villas provide you with a sit out place in the garden or by the pool where you can have access any time of day or night and its secure an d private
  • ­ Most of our Villas for rent are pet friendly. If you are travelling with your pet we can offer you a pet friendly holiday Villa where you and your small friend can be comfortable and happy together.
  • ­ Most of our Luxury villas in Goa offer you a unforgettable memories by providing a private pool which can be accessed any time of day or night.
  • ­ With amazing location our Villa’s great options unlike hotels which have only 1 location to offer. We cover most of the popular places in north Goa and are coming soon in south Goa.

Choose from our range of rentals in North Goa to get the best from your holiday. We offer rentals in Goa for different budget and various group size. Choose from cozy studio­apartment for a couple to an ultra luxury 8 bedroom complex with private pool for a perfect party.

Luxury villa Goa offers luxury comfort of the best properties in the area. Centrally located from all major attractions of North Goa yet being a hidden gem on its own. Garden, lounge or pool area would be the best place to spend your evenings chatting or enjoying drink and making memories of your stay in Goa which will never fade. Our luxury villas for rent offers a private pool which can be your main hang out place. You might choose to be in ultra luxury of our Villa in Candolim featuring 7* amenities and heated pool or be few steps away from the beach in our villa in Baga. Housekeeping staff attached to this property will make sure al your needs are taken care of and your stay in Goa is of the best quality.

Deluxe villa Goa offer a unique blend of comfort and well moderate prices. This range of rentals has all necessary equipment and amenities, all rooms are air conditioned and well maintained. Shared swimming pool offers refreshment during hot days while living room can be a place to chill and chat in the evening.

Budget villa Goa offers you privacy and basic comfort same time being extremely affordable. Clean and maintained villa can be a perfect Goa stay for group of youngsters travelling to have fun and also party. Located in the heart of Candolim it is in few steps away from restaurants It’s prices are as good as a hostel but your group can have a blast while enjoying all luxury of privacy.

We are located all over north Goa from Candolim to Baga to Anjuna/Vagator. You can choose any of our amazing locations. From a quite Village setting to the most popular beach to the most popular party zone. We are everywhere.

For guests interested in corporate event or wedding ceremony we would be able to offer the best deals for holiday rentals or hotels in Goa as we have a direct tie up with most of the established hotels.

Our team will be able to organize various corporate events and parties starting from getting a great deal for your stay in Goa to booking a private party in the best restaurant or club. Get in touch with us to find out more..

Booking through our company is easy and comfortable and has several advantages:

  • All properties are managed by us and you get for what you paid. Without exaggerations and hide outs.
  • Our manager is one call away from you. We based in Goa in few kilometers of our villas for rent so dealing is easy and if there is an issue be sure to get solution fast and quality.
  • We are working officially.
  • Our team will help you to organize a sightseeing tour around Goa or a pleasant day on the private yacht, night out or the best fine dining options can be booked with us.

We will try our best to make your stay in Goa unforgettable. Please choose from any of our vide ranging villa options managed and maintained by our team and get in touch with our manager.