Kingfisher villa in Goa18 October, 2016

Known for his flamboyant lifestyle, chilled out attitude and larger than life image, Vijay Mallya with a net worth of an estimated $1.2 billion is stuck in what some say is a conspiracy, some a business war and some holding him guilty.

Taxi in Goa20 april, 2017

As of now cab is the only way to reach your holiday home from the airport. We provide you with government approved price for the service. Price might vary as per demand. Check for more..

Government approved rates for prepaid taxi from International airport Dabolim, Goa28 August, 2017

Please consider surge on pricing on popular weekends and peak dates as Christmas and New year, Price can triple on those dates. For guests arriving late at night or early morning additional charge of about RS 200 might apply as late night charges.

How to book a villa in Goa for three nights and more 21 September, 2017

Sometimes its getting confusing When you come across so many options and choices. Especially traveling in Group. There is so many individual preferences to consider. Out of years of experience We have made a short guidance on choosing a right stay to have a holiday without a disappointment Once dates are fixed and folks are ready , its time to search for accommodation

Understanding rent rates for villas in Goa 27 Jan, 2018

It is surprising how prices vary when renting a property in Goa. There is indeed a large gap between rates for a shared villa for rent and a luxury villa with a private pool for rent. But even within the luxury category, there are variations on the charges.  These are a few of the factors based on which rent prices for villas in Goa may vary.