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Understanding rent rates for villas in Goa
28 Jan, 2018

It is surprising how prices vary when renting a property in Goa. There is indeed a large gap between rates for a shared villa for rent and a luxury villa with a private pool for rent. But even within the luxury category, there are variations on the charges.  These are a few of the factors based on which rent prices for villas in Goa may vary.

Location: Rates are higher for villas in Goa that are located closer to the beach and have more refined infrastructure Size: More land means more investment, so prices will rise for bigger villas

View: A stunning view of the ocean, hills or other natural beauty is more coveted than views of unseeming concrete jungles, so a villa with a view will cost more Gated community vs individual villa: Gated community villas share expenses for utilities and services such as security, gardener, pool staff, etc, while individual ones must bear their own and therefore invite higher charges

Facilities: Facilities such as power back up or generators cost more than inverters Multi-media: Prices will be higher for villas that have a television in each bedroom compared to those that have a television only in the living room Air-conditioning: Having all rooms air-conditioned costs more than making do with a fan in the living room

Staff: It costs more to have a personal caretaker or cook at your beck and call than to use a self-serviced property Technology: Not all properties have been fitted with Wi-Fi yet, so those that do have connectivity will cost more Access: Easy access by road and parking can cost more than having to take a short walk to your villa

Other facilities that affect pricing include details such as type of furniture, thickness of mattresses and quality of linen, toiletries, housekeeping frequency each week or day, change of towels, etc.