Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing the best luxury villas in Goa varies on requirements and expectations.

Some villas are ideal for families with children, some are excellent for those looking to party and others for travellers looking for some peace and quiet.

Speak to our reservation executive to choose the perfect villa suited to your needs so we can customise an unforgettable holiday just for you.

We recommend villas run exclusively by Villa Goa and our verified partners.

We know you are excited about your trip to Goa, and we’d like to ensure you feel warmly welcomed and comfortable in your accommodation.

We ensure impeccably clean and well-maintained luxury villas in Goa for your vacation.

Call us to book the best accommodation in Goa.

Staying at a luxury villa in Goa by Villa Goa ensures you save money during your holiday in Goa.

There is no corkage or service charge, food and beverages come at retail price, and villas work out cheaper room-wise. They also fall in a lower

GST bracket (12 per cent compared to 18 per cent for hotels) so you save on taxes as well.

You have your own private dining and living space and your own private pool. In addition, you save time on a quick check in-check out process.

Most of our villas are fully serviced, inclusive of cleaning, delivery of groceries, taxi arrangements, etc.

Our trained staff is on hand to help you throughout your stay.

We also offer a cook for hire at many of our villas so you can enjoy restaurant-quality food without a worry within the comfort of your own space.

We are a Goa-based company with a vast network of contacts across the state.

Our team consists of more than 50 staff who ensure a smooth stay right from your arrival through to your departure. Our aim is to offer quality over quantity. All properties offered on our portal are either managed directly by us or by verified partners so we can guarantee quality of service.

Please give full requirements to our reservation manager so we can offer you the best suitable options.

Some property might not be equipped with gas range, so full-scale cooking is not possible.

May be Caretakers are available only during the day so a full-time requirement will not be met.

Some of our luxury villas are built over a number of floors which are not ideal for the elderly or people with mobility issues. When other villas might be equipped with low sink and railing at the bathroom

There is villas located away from the beach so you will need to rent a self-drive car.

If you are planning to host a special occasion or overnight party, please choose our party villas instead.

We are just call away to tailor your dream holiday villa.

For villas perfect for a family with children, who always find the baby pool a special attraction, please check out our family villa collection.

Our party villa collection is ideal for those looking to have a wild time together or celebrate a special occasion such as an anniversary or birthday.

Groups of couples looking for a special getaway together can book these villas without a master bedroom as all rooms have equal sizes and specifications.

Guests wanting to experience the thrill of casinos can choose our casino villas located just 20 minutes drive from Betim jetty and 25 minutes from Panjim jetty.

Relax by the seaside in our luxury beach villas with the sand in your toes and the shimmering sea right outdoors.

Or check out our budget beach villas if you’re not looking for something too fancy.

Enjoy local architecture, culture and charm with our Indo-Portuguese villas.

Holiday villas offer great value for money by offering more space and amenities for the same or lower price.

You have your own private pool and garden, a luxury incomparable with that of a hotel.

Save money on dining out with our fully equipped kitchens or cooking service. With villas, you can snack and eat at any time of day or night without worrying about restaurant timings. It’s also a great option for those with dietary restrictions such as children, the elderly or those with medical conditions. Our cooks are well trained and will surprise you with their repertoire!

In hotel rooms, it is difficult to keep your room private, especially if you are travelling with friends, since everyone likes to hang out with the others once in a while. Our villas offer privacy so you can relax with family or friends in the living room or dining area indoors without worrying about strangers.

Our villas and rentals offer a ton of flexibility so you can plan your time as you wish. There’s no need to rush for a breakfast buffet or share the pool with a bunch of people you’ve never met.

We have a varied range of villas for your stay in Goa. Our dedicated concierge service offers tailored options to enhance your holiday, from a luxury yacht to dancers and room décor.